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welcome to my new site

Filled with Mathieson goodness; behind the scenes info on Doctor Who and other gigs, ramblings about writing for a living and more*. (*may not contain more)

Much of the content was transferred from my old blog, but for those of you who have read everything there and just want the new stuff, there are three new pieces on Oxygen at the top of the Doctor Who section and one new piece on spec scripts at the top of the Writing section. Fill your boots.

And for the record, yes, I do write with a stack of DVDs of every show I've worked on right next to me. On a pile of scripts I've written. Surrounded by props from my shows. Doesn't everyone?

'Siege Mode Tardis' pictured supplied by the excellent Rubbertoe Replicas.

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and breathe

So my last Doctor Who episode 'Oxygen' aired last weekend. It's often hard to objectively judge the response to things from inside the bubble of Who Towers (where the writers, actors and production staff of Doctor Who all live). It seems to have been pretty well received. My fat face has popped in a few places since. I've been on The Fan Show sofa and I also talk a little about that twist here.



Fun though this site is, there is an inner sanctum that's even better. 'Impossible' you cry. Well get ready to be amazed.

I have a newsletter just for the cool kids. Two issues have gone out so far, and the last one contained a full article all about the secrets of Gus (homicidal computer from Mummy On The Orient Express) that is nowhere on this site. That's how cool it is.

Going forward, subscribers will continue to be tipped off about new articles appearing here and new projects I'm working on. And there will always be exclusive content in the newsletter that won't appear here for weeks.

All you need to do to join the cool kids is give me your email address. (and I hate spam too, so it's going nowhere but my cool kids email file)