flatline cut scenes

One of the criticisms levelled at Flatline was the lack of character development in the guest cast. I knew I forgot something!

No wait, I didn't forget at all! As is always the case, we were up against the clock and character stuff is always the first to go, along with jokes. If it doesn't further the plot, it's disposable. And so a couple of scenes were snipped that would have made the episode perfect in every way and guaranteed me a BAFTA. And so I cry to the heavens and rent my garments in twain every time I read a review sniffily pointing out the lack of character development.

But here by the magic of internets and pixels we can go back in time and fix what once went wrong. Make Flatline the fully rounded episode it almost was. Behold! Character work in the heart of Flatline!

(To jog your memory, our characters are in the gloomy train tunnels on the run from the Boneless and Fenton is Rigsy's nasty cleaner boss played by Christopher Fairbank pictured above.)